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What is the #EsportsMystery event? – Location, time, and how to watch

Published: 28/Nov/2018 0:14 Updated: 29/Nov/2018 19:57

by Bill Cooney


Popular figures in the esports community have been tweeting and referencing something called #EsportsMystery this week, and what exactly the event is has managed to just that, a mystery.

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A ton of personalities in particular involved with competitive Overwatch have tweeted about attending the event, but haven’t revealed anything about the event itself

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What we do know is that the event will take place in Denver, Colorado at 1 PM MST on November 29.

Whatever the event is, with the amount of Overwatch people going, there’s a good chance it will be mostly focused on that.


No announcement has been made on how the event will be streamed, but it might be available on Twitch.

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For those that aren’t able to make the live event in Denver, Overwatch League Caster Monte Cristo will be streaming the event on his Twitch channel starting at 6 PM MST.

Watch live video from montecristo on www.twitch.tv