Overwatch Twitch Streamer gets two insane Reinhardt charges in less than a minute

by Bill Cooney


A good Reinhardt player can carry his team through a match in Overwatch, which is exactly what PVPTwitch did while streaming a competitive round.


The clip begins with PVPTwitch attacking with his team on Volskaya during a competitive match, he knows before he even starts his charge that he’ll be taking the opposing Reinhardt off the map.

After that, it’s just a little cleanup before heading to the second point to line up his next calculated charge.


His second charge finds the enemy Reinhardt and takes him off the map again, how the player doesn’t rage quit and uninstall Overwatch right after the second charge, we may never know.

You’ve got to feel a little sympathy for the other team’s Reinhardt, he probably spends less than a minute fighting with his team on defense and gets eliminated in one of the most embarrassing ways possible.


PVPTwitch is a professional Overwatch streamer and he plays a lot of Reinhardt, as the skill he displays in the video suggests.

Reinhardt has come under a lot of scrutiny from the Overwatch Community lately for his ultimate and where it stuns opponents, but it looks like his charge is working just fine.