Sneaky Overwatch tactic plays mind games by stalling Reinhardt’s ultimate

Reinhardt earthshattersBlizzard

Overwatch players are constantly looking for new strategies to play the game and elevate their play. While most tactics are already figured out, some people are still finding new ones and this one helps Reinhardt stall his ultimate, leading players to big slams.

For a while now, Overwatch has been using a role queue system that makes teams consist of two players for each role.

The main tank role is arguably one of the most important roles in the game as they serve as a protector for the rest of the team.

While a tank’s role may not be to get a ton of kills, one tank hero, Reinhardt can change a team with the swing of his hammer. A new video shows off some sneaky tricks to make his ultimate extremely good.

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Reinhardt ultimateBlizzard
Reinhardt’s Shatter decimates opponents and can swing a game with one use of it.

Overwatch clip shows tricks to stall Reinhardt ultimate

Ultimates can be built up over time or by doing damage. Reinhardt can build his ultimate up pretty quickly as he can swing his hammer into multiple people at a time.

Debating when you use the ultimate is another huge part as there are voice lines that indicate when someone will use their ult. A Reddit clip posted by ‘geezyclaps’ shows off a couple of spots where plays can delay their slam on Rein creating big plays.

In this clip, you see multiple spots, some of which are more reasonable than others. The one on Junkertown sees the main tank sitting in a room near the spawn on the payload. The player is on top of an object that allows them to walk forward whenever they want to finish the slam.

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Another great one comes on Blizzard World, where the player can run up on a wall near the second attacking point. This is a great hiding spot and can catch players coming off spawn by surprise.

While these can be a little tricky to pull off in a high-intensity game, these nifty spots could swing the game in your favor.