Should Overwatch feature its alternate maps more often?

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch features alternate versions of some of its maps for Capture the Flag and other Arcade modes, but players are wondering if the alternate maps could be used to give a little variety to Quick Play.

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Ever since the Year of the Rooster event in 2017, Blizzard has had alternate day/night maps for Capture the Flag and other modes (like Retribution and Uprising) that let players see the maps in a fresh, different way.

Now, players are wondering why Blizzard doesn’t make the maps available year-round by adding them into the regular Quick Play lineup.

Blizzard Entertainment
Sunset on Ilios doesn’t look too bad at all.
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Daytime at the Night Market

Usually sunny maps like Nepal and Busan are played at night during Capture the Flag, while Lijiang Tower’s alternate finally lets players see it in daylight.

Reddit user abduktedtemplar suggested in a post that Blizzard should add the alternate map skins to the regular Arcade and Quick Play lineup. Competitive is a different story, since most people agree maps shouldn’t really change there.

“I’ve literally been hoping this would be a feature since the night version of Rialto Archives Mode,” one user wrote. “The maps are so gorgeous at night!”

Adding some variety to the regular lineup of maps might not be too bad of an idea and it seems like an easy way for Blizzard to shake things up for players without really affecting gameplay.

Blizzard Entertainment
Is Lijiang Tower’s Night Market open during the day?
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When will we get an actual new Overwatch map?

Havana, the latest Overwatch map, was released during the 2019 Archives event, which at the time of writing, was a little over a month ago, so a new map probably isn’t right around the corner, yet.

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan did tease the arrival of Hero 31 sometime later this Summer, but didn’t get any more specific than that, but a new map could be in the works as part of the ‘major new content’ he also mentioned.

With the Replay feature and the Workshop, it seems Blizzard is giving players features they’ve been asking for, but only time will tell if the alternate map skins make it to the regular Quick Play and Arcade rotations.