Seagull trolls ‘Overwatch fan’ who thinks he played for Houston Outlaws

. 3 years ago
Robert Paul /Blizzard Entertainment

Former professional Overwatch player, Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned had some fun after encountering a ‘fan’ who incorrectly thought the streamer had played for the Houston Outlaws.

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Seagull is one of Overwatch’s most popular Twitch Streamers and personalities. He retired in August 2018 after competing for the Dallas Fuel in the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League to focus on his career as a full-time streamer.

Since his retirement, Seagull has spent his time streaming a variety of games on his channel and during his time on the new battle royale giant, Apex Legends, he encountered one of his fans that he couldn’t help but troll.

Robert Paul / Blizzard Entertainment
Seagull played for Dallas Fuel in the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League.
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Seagull trolls an ‘Overwatch fan’

After recognizing Seagull’s name in the pre-game lobby, the fan told Seagull, “leaving Houston Outlaws was the best decision you ever made,” clearly confusing the Outlaws with Seagull’s former team, Dallas Fuel, “let me tell you bro, your stream life is next level shit.”

Seagull took this opportunity to entertain his viewers by sarcastically trolling the fan, saying, “Fuck the Outlaws, worst fucking team bro, who wants to play for that garbage team anyway bro, Streamer life for days.”

After telling Seagull the Outlaws don’t deserve him, he caught on to his error, “Wait, what the fuck am I saying? Houston Outlaws? He was in Dallas,” before Seagull jokingly asked the fan for a fact check on the situation. “Really, are you sure? Can we get a fact check?”

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Seagull went on to play the rest of the Apex Legends game and discovered that the fan didn’t know it was actually him as he wasn’t expecting him to be on Apex Legends when he initially joined his lobby.

Although this fan was happy to see Seagull streaming full-time, there are many fans who would like to see Seagull try his hand at competing in the Overwatch League again in the future, now that the competition level has increased as Overwatch continues to grow.

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