Seagull pulls off a crazy no-look headshot during Overwatch match

. 4 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment/The Overwatch League

With Seagull’s departure, the Overwatch League lost a true personality, but Twitch viewers probably don’t mind because they get to watch the now full-time streamer make shots like this.

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Attacking the second point of Numbani, Seagull is running Hanzo in the staircase to the right of the payload, and asks his team if they know of any opposing players adjacent to him he could take out with Dragonstrike.

His team has some idea but they seem pretty doubtful, so Seagull decides to wing it and fires Hanzo’s ultimate directly through a wall into the face of an unsuspecting Ana on the other side.

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While the streamer tries to process what just happened, his teammates are cracking up in the background. If there’s one thing worse than a Hanzo headshot it’s one you can’t even see coming.

The victim replied in chat with an amazed “ok” that made Seagull laugh even more, but after a shot like that, besides Ana who wouldn’t be laughing?

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Seagull announced he would not be returning the Dallas Fuel or anywhere else in the Overwatch League following the Inaugural Season, choosing instead to go back to being a full-time streamer.

Overwatch League fans may have been disappointed, but fans of his Twitch stream are happy to see him getting back to streaming.

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