Report: OWL teams voice concerns over role-lock, 2020 schedule in leaked call - Dexerto

Report: OWL teams voice concerns over role-lock, 2020 schedule in leaked call

Published: 17/Jul/2019 1:02 Updated: 17/Jul/2019 1:32

by Michael Gwilliam


According to a new report, Overwatch League players and teams took part in a conference call today, mere hours after the first details about the 2020 season format were announced.

The report, published by Upcomer, states that teams voiced concerns over role-lock, balance changes, all-star week compensation and travel.

Upcomer says they received a recording of the call and images further detailing the season structure.

Dexerto has not independently verified the report, nor have we received a copy of the recording.

If the report is accurate, teams will have between 8-10 weeks for travel and recuperating throughout the 26 week season, in which matches will be played on weekends.


Teams would alternate games within their divisions and against teams out of it.

As previously reported, there will be no stages this year and no league breaks as a result. 

Some teams in the call presented concerns over travel issues, primarily visa complications. The League supposedly told teams that according to the immigration council, the planned schedule would ensure players and staff received visas for each country.

League officials said they won’t force players and staff to change their residence to their home city and instead it would be at the discretion of each team. 

Additionally, teams and players allegedly raised concerns about the All-Star event, primarily the lack compensation for participating and strain it puts on players. 


The league was open to the idea of creating a mid-season tournament, similar to the stage playoffs currently held during the first three stages.

Officials also revealed the location for next year’s All-star event has not been decided, but it will be taking place at a team’s venue.

Finally, teams also said they had no information on the status of the long-awaited 2-2-2 role-lock for Stage 4. League officials said they would be playing on the current PTR patch and not with changes built around role-lock.

Upcomer’s report did not indicate how this may affect Contenders as a result or if it was discussed during the conference call.