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Hilarious Reinhardt glitch is trapping Overwatch players in enemy spawn rooms

Published: 27/Apr/2021 7:17 Updated: 27/Apr/2021 6:10

by Brad Norton


Reinhardt players have uncovered a hilarious way to trap enemies in the wrong spawn rooms thanks to an unlucky Overwatch bug.

When you spawn into any given map, there’s always one thing protecting you: spawn barriers. These magical transparent walls block enemy heroes from entering your spawn room.

If you’re on the opposing team, walking straight into this barrier will do nothing for you. It’s completely intentional as to allow the other team a safe place to change characters and plan out their next attack.

That being said, projectile damage can still make its way through these barriers. A cheeky explosive from Junkrat or a rocket from Pharah can still wipe you out even through the spawn barriers.


Beyond that, there’s never been any way for enemies to crossover; until now.

Overwatch Busan gameplay
Spawn rooms are supposed to be a safe space in Overwatch.

Midway through a casual match on Busan, Reddit user ‘Iron_on_reddit’ had four of their teammates leave. As the timer dwindled away and the other team headed towards a quick win, both sides decided to have some fun.

They all gathered around one spawn room but of course, the protective barrier was between them. Crouching down in front of the barrier, the opposing Zarya appeared to be AFK. With barely a few pixels of her character model clipping through the spawn room, Reinhardt was able to connect with his Charge.


The Tank pinned her and quickly walked away. A few moments later and Rein’s subsequent Earthshatter somehow launched her into the room.

She’d made it through the barrier and was now completely in the enemy spawn room with Rein and Roadhog. 

I got glitched into enemy spawn by Rein charge from Overwatch

While the Zarya player was pinned again and rapidly knocked down, for a brief moment, she was alive in the opposing safe haven. Enemies are never able to step foot in this area, yet she was within melee range of her competition.

It’s more than likely this buggy interaction will rarely come into play in a proper match. After all, how often are teams spawn-camping at such a close range? 


Though it’s clear Rein’s charge can outright break the game in the right situations. No wonder it’s a key focus for the hero moving forward in Overwatch 2.