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Overwatch World Cup Controversy After Streamer Dafran Snubbed for National Committee

Published: 2/Jun/2018 1:12 Updated: 10/Oct/2020 17:06

by Joe O'Brien


The announcement of the Overwatch World Cup national committees has generated some controversy after popular streamer Daniel ‘dafran’ Francesca missed out on the Community Lead position for Denmark.

The Community Lead position on the National Committees was decided by fan vote, with all Overwatch players able to vote for the representative for their respective country.


Dafran was expected to be a lock for the Denmark Community Lead position, but when the national committees were announced, it was instead the largely unknown Lene ‘Xperiana’ Gaardmand, a streamer with a little over 500 Twitch followers and 200 Twitter followers – tiny figures compared to Dafran’s 226,000 and 20,000, respectively – who was selected.

The idea that Xperiana received the most votes is therefore almost inconceivable, leaving many – including Dafran – to question what had happened.


It seems highly likely that Dafran was disqualified for the position. One of the stipulations for being on the national committees was that all of the candidate’s Blizzard accounts be in good standing.

Unfortunately for Dafran, his account was banned mere days before the voting closed, after using a game exploit while streaming – although Dafran had earlier been warned to mind his behaviour after receiving several reports from players.

Dafran also received a more significant ban in June of 2017, with Blizzard suspending him from sanctioned events for the duration of Season 5 and banning him from competing in Overwatch Contenders seasons zero and one, prior to the Overwatch League.


Given that Dafran was allowed on the ballot in the first place, however, it stands to reason that the more recent infringements are responsible for his apparent disqualification.

Xperiana gave her own take on the matter while streaming:

What many fans find most frustrating, however, is that their vote was essentially invalidated by the fact that they were unknowingly voting for a candidate that couldn’t win. Had Dafran not been on the ballot at all, or removed prior to the end of the voting, it’s entirely possible that the outcome would have been different.


Blizzard has not yet made a statement on the matter.


Mercy and Ashe are ready for OWL Finals with stunning Seoul cosplays

Published: 10/Oct/2020 0:55

by Bill Cooney


A pair of Seoul Dynasty fans have pulled off awesome cosplays of Mercy and Ashe in their team’s colors to celebrate 2020’s Overwatch League Grand Finals run.

The season finale is the biggest weekend of the year for Overwatch esports, and even though there are no in-person events for the Finals in 2020, there are still plenty of fans watching the action and supporting their favorite teams.


This includes Tasha and Doremi, who in addition to being diehard Dynasty fans, can also put together a mean Overwatch cosplay.

For instance, to celebrate Seoul’s Grand Finals appearance, the pair pulled out their Ashe and Mercy creations, which are spot on and appropriately decked out in Seoul’s black and gold.


Tasha certainly does Ashe justice with the hero’s trademark white hair and her trusty Viper Rifle at her side. The jacket and every other part of the cosplay even match the Dynasty’s in-game skin for her.

There are countless Overwatch cosplays out there, but OWL-specific ones seem to be a bit rarer especially considering there have been no live events for the league at all this year.

Doremi and Tasha, who call their duo spiralcats, have been a fixture in the Korean Overwatch esports scene for some time, appearing at multiple events rocking Dynasty-branded skins for a variety of heroes.


Seoul is certainly in a position to make a run for the title, however, they’ll have to make it past the San Francisco Shock, who seem to be in a dominant form already. San Fran already took out the Dynasty earlier in the playoffs and will have to do so again to repeat their 2019 championship on Oct 10.

The boys in black and gold will need all the energy their fans can send to them to pull off the upset and dethrone San Francisco to become the OWL champions, something the team hasn’t been able to achieve yet.