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Overwatch streamer shows how to keep a team in rhythm

Published: 19/Jan/2019 0:38 Updated: 19/Jan/2019 0:49

by Bill Cooney


Communication with teammates might be one of the most important things in Overwatch, and streamer Jarrod ‘Frogger’ Meredith has provided an excellent example of how players can make sure their team is listening.

One of the biggest complaints of Overwatch players is that their teams don’t seem to get in voice chat or communicate at all. Meaning any kind of team play or callouts immediately go out the window.

That’s where Frogger’s ingenious idea comes in.

Using the power of song and dance, he shows how to make sure teammates are tuned in and listening.

In the clip Frogger posted to Twitter, his team is getting ready in the first attacking spawn of Numbani when he tells them “Alright, listen to me,” before playing a remix of the Cha-Cha Slide.

As the song plays, Frogger and his team dance along with some pretty impressive coordination that shows his teammates are listening, even if they’re not in voice chat.

“Watch as I demonstrate how to ALWAYS make your team listen to your calls,” Frogger added with the video on Twitter. “THIS WILL GIVE YOU WINS 100% OF THE TIME AND OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE ACCESS.”

Frogger is completely right, team building is incredibly important in the current state of Overwatch and this is a really great, hilarious way to make sure your team is locked in.

It was a brilliant song choice as well, because the Cha-Cha slide is immediately recognizable to any individual who has ever attended a middle school dance.

The fact that Frogger, if you couldn’t tell by his name, is a Lucio player puts the cherry on top for this hilarious clip.


Overwatch pros reacts as Gamsu announces return to LoL

Published: 21/Oct/2020 10:09

by Lauren Bergin


Noh ‘Gamsu’ Yeong-Jin of Dallas Fuel has announced his departure from the Overwatch League in an emotional post– but there’s a twist. 

On October 17, Dallas Fuel main tank Gamsu officially announced his retirement from professional Overwatch.

With a track record that included positions on dominant teams such as the Shanghai Dragons, Gamsu’s announcement has truly rocked the Overwatch world. Not many could have predicted this to play out like it has.

While the announcement attracted a wave of disappointed fan tweets lamenting the announcement, Gamsu’s retirement, it also caught the attention of several notable figures in the Overwatch community.

OWL caster Soe Gschwind expressed her support by tweeting that she wishes him “all the best for the future”, commenting on his play style as being a “joy” to watch.


In addition to Soe, a collection of OWL players from across multiple different teams came together to wish Gamsu the best for his future. Notable names included Houston Outlaws’ DPS Jeffrey ‘blasé’ Tsang, Boston Uprising’s main tank Cameron ‘Fusions’ Bosworth and Seb ‘numlocked’ Barton of Toronto Defiant.

A final tweet from Jon Spector, the Vice President of the Overwatch League encapsulated the feelings of fans and colleagues alike, where he congratulated Gamsu for being ‘at the top of the world’ in both of his professional game titles: Overwatch and League of Legends.

Gamsu returns to League of Legends

Dallas Observer
Dallas Observer
While Dallas Fuel have lost a legend, LoL has gained a new one.

Despite what seemed to be a devastating announcement for the Overwatch scene, there’s a silver lining: Gamsu is returning to League of Legends.

Before he made his name on the Overwatch stage the star player made a name for himself as the top laner for League of Legends behemoths Fnatic, with his skills helping score Fnatic third place in the 2016 EU LCS (the predecessor to the current European Championship, the LEC).

His return to the rift spark a great deal of discussion, with the most notable comment coming from current Golden Guardians support Choi ‘huhi’ Jae-Hyun tweeting “GAMSU TOP?”

The news even caught the attention of former Overwatch player turned Valorant pro for FaZe Shane ‘Rawkus’ Flaherty, who reminisced over Gamsu’s dominant performance as a top laner during his EU LCS days.

It’s safe to say that Gamsu had an amazing Overwatch career, but although he leaves the OWL behind he is back on the rift and ready to take on Runeterra.

League of Legends fans will be excited to see the return of a familiar face, and current professional players had best be ready for the return of a giant.