Overwatch streamer offers best tips to get most out of Doomfist

Michael Gwilliam

Overwatch content creator “KarQ” has remade his Doomfist guide for 2019, in which he and fellow streamer “Chipsa” go into details regarding the Talon antagonist’s matchups against every hero in the game.

With many characters being reworked or adjusted, KarQ is remaking his video guides to better reflect their current state in the game. One such hero is Doomfist, who not only received quite a few changes since his release, but has entirely new match-ups with new heroes being added.

One general tip that Chipsa provided early on was the best way to get value out of Doomfist and not feed, advising players to save one of his cooldown-based abilities as an escape tool – be it Rocket Punch or Uppercut into Slam.

“The most important tip, in my opinion, is to make sure you always have at least one ability to escape at all times,” the UK-based streamer said. “The standard Doomfist ability cycle is to use your Slam into Uppercut then Rocket Punch to escape. Two to get in, and one to get out.”

Mastering Doomfist’s ability cycle is key to being a better player.

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Things get different when Doomfist has his ultimate, Meteor Strike online, as it allows the player to play a bit more liberally and use all their cooldowns, then escape with their ultimate.

“It’s mind-boggling how much Doomfist players feed in lower ranks, because they dump all their cooldowns with no escape,” KarQ added.

Of the individual matchup tips, Chipsa had many, and several can easily be applied for your ranked games to get the most out of the gauntlet-wielding hero.

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Against D.va, Chipsa suggested using Meteor Strike when she throws her Self-Destruct ,and then chasing her down and killing her before she gets a chance to re-mech.

When facing off vs Orisa, Chipsa said the best option is to bait out Fortify by charging a Rocket Punch and then canceling it. Once the Fortify has ended, Doomfist should go in, engage with abilities, and do damage to her. Additionally, her Supercharger is a prime target for Meteor Strike if the Doom player can’t confirm a kill.

Another cool tank tip is that Uppercut or Rocket Punch will stun Hammond when he’s trying to grapple and swing across a point, so taking advantage of the momentum shift can pay dividends for your team.

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One of the best tips is likely against Mei: When the ice queen goes into her Icecube, Chipsa recommends charging a punch, but turning the other way as if you’re going to attack another target. Then, when she leaves her icecube, turn around right away and kill her.

There were plenty of other tips as well, so if you’re trying to learn Doomfist, this video marks fantastic place to start and learn the hero inside and out.

If you’re trying to find tips for other heroes, KarQ’s YouTube channel is one of the best resources online.