Overwatch streamer gives heroes a Snapchat makeover with hilarious results

Blizzard / Snapchat Inc. / Santoki Twitch

Overwatch players typically have plenty of skins to choose from to use on their favorite heroes, but one streamer found a hysterically meta way of dressing them up using popular social media app Snapchat.

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Blizzard’s team shooter has been extremely popular with fans for numerous reasons, including its crisp FPS gameplay, and its refined approach to character design. Though it might look like Overwatch heroes are a bit too refined, as one streamer found out while applying filters to them.

Friends love playing with Snapchat’s various filters that apply everything from virtual makeup and shades to adorable dog ears, but putting them to the game’s heroes just gave the app a whole new purpose.

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BlizzardSome Overwatch characters were made for Snapchat’s filters, others however can hardly even register.
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Twitch streamer Hannah ‘santoki’ Lee booted up Overwatch on her June 4 stream, but before loading up a game she decided to give some of the characters tasteful updates to their looks.

“So the other day I realised you can add Snapchat filters to people in Overwatch,” santoki said. “And I lost my shit. And I wanted to share with you guys because it’s actually, honestly hilarious.”

Pulling up hero intros, santoki scrolled through various characters of the game while applying the filter. But the experiment quickly got wild as she pulled up some of the game’s more battle-hardened, serious heroes with amazing results.

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Santoki started off with probably the best hero to cover with lipstick and hearts – Hanzo. After just the first application santoki was already dying with laughter, and only continued a few heroes later when giving Blackwatch Reaper and McCree the Snapchat treatment.

Although the app had a hard time recognizing characters like Lucio, Ashe, and Junkrat, most heroes santoki tried were able to be transformed by the app.

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When will Overwatch be getting more content?

Although players shouldn’t hold their breath for official Snapchat-inspired looks for the game, the next event should be bringing exciting skins for players to get their hands on.

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The Summer Games event is right around the corner, and while players don’t have an exact day for the seasonal offerings, it should be launching around August, according to Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan.

Hopefully for streamers like santoki, the Summer Games will release full-faced hero skins to put even more filters on in the future.