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Overwatch streamer Fitzyhere gets emotional after hitting milestone

Published: 1/Oct/2018 12:35 Updated: 1/Oct/2018 12:36

by Matt Porter


Overwatch streamer Connor ‘Fitzyhere’ Fitzpatrick became emotional on stream after hitting a major Twitch milestone.

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Fitzpatrick was live streaming Overwatch gameplay to around 800 viewers, when he began to speak to his chat about the fact that it had been six months since he became a full time streamer.

Fitzy thanked those who had been around the channel before he went full time, and also showed appreciation for those who had joined his community recently.

“You guys have helped me live out a dream job,” remarked an emotional Fitzyhere, “Thank you guys. A lot.”

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As Fitzpatrick began to well up at the magnitude of his accomplishment, he seemed to appreciate the humour in the situation, laughing that he “hadn’t cried on stream in forever.”


“Once I lose it, I can’t bring it back” giggled Fitzyhere, as he continued to laugh about the situation while tears rolled down his cheeks. The streamer apologised to his stream for the emotional moment, before thanking them again for supporting him.

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Messages of support from his chat rolled in once the streamer got emotional. One donator commented “Fitzy, we love you”, while another posted “Fitz, we love you so much. Thank you for being an awesome streamer”, highlighting the incredible bond Fitzyhere has with his audience.

For Twitch streamers, the opportunity to become a full time content creator is a dream come true, and Fitzyhere shows how much this opportunity means to streamers.