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Overwatch stats show which heroes are hardest to eliminate

Published: 13/Sep/2019 14:41 Updated: 14/Sep/2019 10:38

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch stats show which heroes are the most “survivable”

by comparing their health to the size of their hitbox.

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Overwatch player u/sdrawkcaB-ssA has put together a chart showing the ratio of each hero’s health pool to the size of their hitbox, to give an idea of how difficult it might actually be to eliminate an opponent – large health pools may actually be easier to burn through if they’re on a much bigger target.

The blue bars show the ratio of the hero’s health pool to their hitbox size, while the orange bars show the ratio between their health and their headshot hitbox.

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The resulting chart offers a way of comparing how generically survivable each hero is – the taller the bar, the harder it should be to actually kill the character, as heroes with less health might be more difficult to actually eliminate if they’re much harder to hit.

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One hero in particular stands out on the chart, and that’s Brigitte – a fact that will no doubt do little to win back any of the players who dislike the hero. Her headshot hitbox ratio in particular stands above all others, although even for her full hitbox, she’s only beaten by Zarya.


Interestingly, on average it seems that tanks actually have the lowest ratio of all classes – while they boast the largest health pools, their size compared to most heroes makes them easier to target. In particular, Roadhog stands out for having a particularly low ratio for both his full and head hitbox bars, especially as he has no means of mitigating incoming damage.

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Blizzard EntertainmentRoadhog is one of the most vulnerable heroes in the game relative to his health pool.

Obviously, there are a lot of elements to survivability that go beyond just health and hitboxes. Movement abilities can make some heroes harder to hit, others have shields to block incoming damage, and some can heal themselves when they do take damage.


While the information may be of limited practical use in-game, it does offer some interesting insight into how different characters vary in ways that might not be immediately obvious, but can effect how strong they feel in-game.