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Overwatch player uncovers genius way to contest points with Wrecking Ball

Published: 23/Jun/2019 13:09

by Connor Bennett


Overwatch fans have discovered a strange new way to contest points as Wrecking Ball during games that will leave opposing players completely puzzled.

Wrecking Ball, more commonly referred to as Hammond, was released as the 28th hero in Overwatch back in July 2018. His arrival added another interesting movement mechanic to the game as his grapple allows him to traverse the map in a completely new way.

But, it’s not his ability to travel across the map in a unique way that has caught the attention of some players in recent games as the characters ability to disrupt matches has been, quite literally, taken to a new level.


Blizzard EntertainmentWrecking Ball has become one of the most used tanks in Overwatch since its release.

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, Groot1702, displayed a highlight clip from the end of their recent game of Control Point on Hanamura where their team flooded the point in an attempt to level up the score. Yet, the squad was left confused by the fact it was contested even though it seemed as if they had secured a full team wipe.

However, had they looked up instead of scurrying around elsewhere searching for an enemy player, they would have spotted Hammond – completely still – hanging above them like a chandelier.

While the Redditor questioned whether or not it was a bug and not just an ingenious tactic from the Wrecking Ball player, others pointed out that their team should have been aware of them sneaking around.


Others, though, questioned why it was allowed to work if certain characters like Pharah can’t fly around near the ceiling and also contest. User badchrismiller added: “If D.Va boosting while on point doesn’t count, this has zero business being able to work.”

Considering it does work – at least for now, anyway – means that it could be something that Blizzard has put into the game so that players can conjure up clever tactics with Wrecking Ball.

Nonetheless, if it does turn out to be a bug, you can be sure that the developers will be sure to root it out before it turns into a game-breaking play in matches. Until then, it’s probably something to keep in your pocket just in case your team is lagging behind on Hanamura.