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Overwatch player dominates on Junkrat using only one hand

Published: 18/Mar/2019 22:25 Updated: 18/Mar/2019 22:52

by Bill Cooney


Streamer Hezi ‘OneHandOnly’ Gangina pulled off a play recently that any Overwatch player would be proud of, but he was able to do it with only one hand.

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The appropriately-named OneHandOnly plays Overwatch and other games with one hand on PC using a controller because of a disability with his right arm from birth.

Obviously that detail doesn’t stop OneHandOnly from pulling off impressive plays during Overwatch matches.

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During a competitive match on Junkertown, the streamer’s team is attempting to stop the enemy team from completing the third section.

As he emerges from spawn, OneHandOnly jumps to the high ground and throws out his Rip-Tire.


The enemy team, with their gold awareness, has no chance against the incoming bomb and gets completely wiped out.

1-Hand-Only weekly clip: Let’s go bi(a)tches! from r/Overwatch

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OneHandOnly also hosts a variety of other streamers with disabilities on his Twitch channel, when he’s not throwing down in Overwatch.

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The clip shows that the streamer is definitely one of the minority of Overwatch players who can actually win a fight using just one hand.

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