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Overwatch meets Marvel vs Capcom in amazing fighting game mashup

Published: 30/Aug/2020 19:58

by Bill Cooney


We’ve seen plenty of fighting game-style Workshop modes created in the past, but one of the newest ones might be the cleanest yet, taking its inspiration from the legendary Marvel vs. Capcom series.

We’ve seen in the past FGC-type modes in Overwatch that have been inspired by games like Soul Calibur and Smash Bros., but the latest might be one of the best so far.

Marvel vs. Capcom may not be as legendary as other series such as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, but the arcade classic is still popular to this day for its wild assists and ultimate abilities (plus, it’s the best fighting game that lets you play as an X-Men, hands down).


Now, Workshop expert qtpiheart has created a brand new mode called “Overwatch Fight Club” that lets players take control of heroes from Talon to battle it out.

Like Marvel vs. Capcom, as you battle it out with Doom, you can call in assists from the other members of Talon. For example, Reaper can make space with his shotguns, while Widowmaker fires out a single, high damage shot that can change the course of a match.

There are also four different stages you can battle it out on – Chateau Guillard, Oasis Gardens, Nepal Village, and Ilios Well – and they are all available for glorious 2D fighting action.


Right now it seems to be a Talon-only affair, but it doesn’t take much to see how this mode could work for the rest of Overwatch’s roster of heroes. If you want to try out qtpiheart’s Fight Club mode for yourself, the code is: BWJ7Z.

Sigma Maestro Challenge skin in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Don’t worry, you can call Sigma in to help out too.

Lately we’ve been seeing some absolutely wild stuff coming out of the Overwatch Workshop, like a recreation of the Wall from Game of Thrones (no word on a Season 8 remake yet, though) and a tool that lets players add their own platforms and walls, essentially letting them directly edit maps themselves.


The stuff coming out of the Workshop these days is leaps and bounds ahead of where we were when it first debuted in 2019, and changed the face of Custom games and wasting time in OW as we know it.