Overwatch League casters MonteCristo and Uber pay tribute to InternetHulk

Michael Gwilliam

Esports legend Dennis ‘InternetHulk’ Hawelka is still fondly remembered by those within the Overwatch and League of Legends scenes. 

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On August 12, Mitch ‘Uber’ Leslie, Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles, Susie Kim and John Nguyen paid tribute to their late German friend.

Uber tweeted out a photo of the four toasting to InternetHulk while appearing to pour beer from a bottle of Amstel or Stella Artois onto some flowers.

UPDATE: Uber has confirmed that the bottle was Soju, Hawelka’s favorite.

Internethulk represented Team Germany at the Overwatch World Cup.600[ad name=”article2″]

“Pouring one out for the homie – miss you,” Uber said with a heart emoji attached.

Hawelka has a storied history in esports. He was a grandmaster player in StarCraft 2 before transitioning to League of Legends and eventually to Overwatch.

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In 2015, he formed the team IDDQD and was later signed by Envyus. That very team would go on to win OGN APEX season one in South Korea. This was the first time that a western team had won a tournament on South Korean soil.

After Overwatch, Hulk would go on to coach Laser Kittenz, Rogue and Team Liquid in League of Legends. At the age of 30, he passed away due to heart disease on November 8, 2017.

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Shortly thereafter, the Overwatch community organized the HulkTastic Cup – a tournament in honor of Hawelka with all donations going to his family. Major commentators such as MonteCristo and Uber partaking in the casting.

Additionally, the Overwatch League started presenting the Dennis Hawelka Award to the player with the most positive impact on a community during the course of the season. In 2018, the award went to Pongphop “Mickie” Rattanasangchod. Ironically, if not fittingly, it was InternetHulk who discovered Mickie and made him part of Envyus.

InternetHulk was a decorated esports veteran.600[ad name=”article5″]

In-game, Dennis is honored on the Eichenwalde map where the words “I *heart* D H” were added to a crusader poster.

It’s clear that InternetHulk’s influence on esports is still going strong two years after his passing.