Overwatch League arena suffers embarrassing technical difficulty

Daniel Cleary

The Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles were left to deal with an embarrassing, but equally funny, technical difficulty, which took place during a broadcast in week four of the Overwatch Leage Season Two, Stage One matches.

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An image surfaced of technical difficulties that occurred with one of the screens inside the Blizzard Arena during the Overwatch League match between Seoul Dynasty and Washington Justice.

Although the screen was not captured on broadcast, fans inside the venue took the opportunity to capture it before later sharing the moment on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit.

Overwatch league/blizzardSeoul Dynasty took the victory over Washington Justice 3-1, despite the technical issues.
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According to the user, ‘viperware’ on Reddit, who handles the screen management system at the Blizzard Arena, they claim that the fault in the system was due to a power surge with the servers which had effects that lasted for about twenty-five minutes.

One of the main screens in the arena displayed the standard Windows reboot screen for a few minutes before being quickly covered up by a graphic of the Overwatch League logo.

During this time, which was between map 3 and 4 of the game being broadcasted, viperware explained they seemingly “only lost the team logos and player cams for a couple of minutes” and that the team at the studio handled things quickly “got it all back up and running before the start of the next match!”

Reddit/marklanguidWindows reboot message being displayed in the Blizzard Arena.
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Many fans didn’t realize it was a power surge that caused the screen to display this message and so the embarrassing image received a lot of views on Reddit.

However, the Overwatch League’s broadcast still managed to finish smoothly despite all of the technical difficulties.

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