Overwatch fan pays tribute to GOATS with incredible parody song

. 3 years ago
YouTube: Hundred Ten

An Overwatch fan has created a hilarious parody song in tribute to the imminent demise of the infamous “GOATS” composition.

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For the last year, the “GOATS” composition, named for the Contenders team that popularized it, has been at the forefront of the competitive meta.

Despite numerous attempts by Blizzard to directly nerf the strategy, it remained prevalent in competitive play, but now its inevitable demise approaches.

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Blizzard Entertainment
The arrival of role queue will finally bring an end to the GOATS composition.

Soon, role queue will be introduced to the live servers, and with it bring the end of GOATS. The change will implement a role lock with a 2-2-2 split of tanks, healers, and DPS, making it impossible to run the triple-tank, triple-support line-up that constitutes the original GOATS composition.

In tribute to departure of the composition that has defined so much of the game for so long, Overwatch fan Hundred Ten has produced a song about GOATS set to the tune of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

“Just go GOATS, pick Brigitte, D.Va eats, Lucio speeds, focus discords, grab the squishies, it’s OP, just go GOATS”, Hundred Ten sings for the chorus.

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The GOATS era might be coming to an end, but it seems Overwatch pros might already have found a replacement. The Overwatch League has already switched to a 2-2-2 role lock for Stage 4, and one of the strongest compositions that has emerged so far, which uses Reaper and Mei in the DPS slots, has been dubbed ‘new GOATS’ by some owing to its use of similar fundamental principles to its 3-3 predecessor.

Whether this ‘new GOATS’ is able to achieve the same degree of dominance and longevity as the original remains to be seen, but it certainly looks possible that GOATS could live on in spirit even in the role lock era.

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Fortunately for those that aren’t a fan of the GOATS composition who might be dreading a take-over by the “new GOATS”, Blizzard have stated that role lock should make it easier to balance heroes, and so if it does prove to powerful it should at least be more likely that Blizzard can make effective nerfs to the new composition.

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