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Why Overwatch fans are absolutely loving role queue in Quick Play so far

Published: 5/Sep/2019 2:07 Updated: 5/Sep/2019 3:08

by Isaac McIntyre


League of Legends, where players declare their intent to play a certain position or role while entering into ranked and casual playlists.

After three years without the option, Blizzard finally made the call to implement a 2-2-2 role lock, primarily due to the heavy backlash the game received for it’s GOATs meta in recent times. Now, the role queue system has been brought to quick play too, and fans are loving it.

Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard has now implemented role queue for quick play as well as ranked.

One pleased fan, Reddit user Faust_8, took to the forums to praise Overwatch’s developers for the change. They revealed they had struggled in the past in practicing difficult heroes like Doomfist because quick play would be such a mess composition-wise.


“I finally have a place where it’s unranked, and team comps have a rigid skeleton, so I can actually practice a hero like Doomfist in a realistic setting but without feeling like I’m being a selfish prick,” Faust_8 said. “I get that there are downsides but there are big upsides too.”

Now that Role Queue is in Quickplay I can ACTUALLY practice on heroes I’m not good at from r/Overwatch

Players looking to practice new heroes aren’t the only ones praising the arrival of role queue to the casual playlists. Healing-mains like ucsdThrowAwayCSE were also celebrating the new feature, especially considering how often they’ve had to play one-healer comps.

“Never again will I have to try and solo heal a team of four-five DPS who don’t know what a health pack is. I’m so happy,” the long-time healer said. “Seriously, playing comp has been so nice since the 2-2-2 lock.”


Role-Queue as a support… from r/Overwatch

The introduction of the 2-2-2 lock has also seen Overwatch’s competitive scene break away from restrictive metas like GOATs. Where we once saw the same group of heroes played again, we’ve now seen Pharahs, Doomfists, and even Genjis returning to the pro scene.

One thing is for sure – Overwatch is already becoming a healthier place queue-wise since the implementation of the role queue. Some people may not be big fans of it, but when Riot Games brought the change into League of Legends it was nothing but positive.

Blizzard EntertainmentAll Overwatch players are now divided into damage, tank, and support.

Now all that remains to be seen is if more people begin playing support. 


The struggle for developers is always convincing players to pick up healer classes, though Blizzard has already done a good job making Overwatch’s support heroes interesting and dynamic.