Overwatch devs share new Moira rework plan after scrapped buff

Connor Bennett
Moira in Overwatch

[jwplayer rw7ACW17]Overwatch developers have shared some of their plans for Moira’s future rework following the recent experimental card showcase. 

As Overwatch characters go through different changes, fans of the Blizzard’s title get to try different things out through testing – typically through the public test realm. 

These can be buff, nerfs, reworks, or even full-blown new characters and it lets the community have some input on what the devs have lined up. Recently, Moira had been lined up for a rework but the devs confirmed that they had scrapped those specific plans following community backlash.

However, they are still planning to make some changes to the healer but in a different way.

Moira in her lab on Oasis
Moira’s recent rework was binned by the devs.

Responding to fan questions in an AMA on July 30, lead designer for Overwatch Geoff Goodman revealed a bit of insight into their plans around Moira’s Fade.

The dev noted that Fade “works very similar to Wraithform,” but it is “much more of a mobility skill than Wraithform,” so its something that is being probed. 

“This is something we’re looking at right now actually, as part of the Moira Experimental v2 changes that will be coming somewhat soon,” he commented.” What we’re currently testing is allowing Wraithform/Fade to be used while in those abilities (Sigma’s ult too), but not let you get free of the effect. This means you can hit these abilities to get the immunity effect but you can’t run away. We’ll see how that feels when it hits the experimental card.”

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Goodman expanded on his lengthy answer when pushed for a further explanation about the changes, and pointed out that the recent experiment was “fun” but far too good as a counter. 

“We’re going to try a version where she can still phase out her allies, but she doesn’t remove debuffs (like Ana nade) and it won’t break people out of these ults,” he added.

The dev, himself, quizzed if this change could be a touch too powerful, but it’ll be a case of wait and see for everybody involved.

When these changes will hit the Experimental Card, is also a case of wait and see, as Goodman only said that they’re coming “somewhat soon.”