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Overwatch • Apr 24, 2019

Overwatch developer reveals Tracer’s favorite soccer team

Overwatch developer reveals Tracer’s favorite soccer team
Blizzard Entertainment

Tracer is Overwatch’s resident Brit, so it only makes sense that she’s a big soccer fan and has a favorite Premier League team.


Overwatch is in the middle of its annual Archives event, and this year’s Storm Rising brawl features a bunch of new dialogue between the main characters of the mission: Tracer, Winston, Mercy and Genji.

One of Tracer’s lines in the Storm Rising Brawl prompted Twitter user FreckledMcCree to ask Overwatch lead writer and loremaster Michael Chu if Tracer was a soccer fan.


Where does Tracer's loyalty lie?

This voice line for Tracer only seems to happen during PvE events, and it’s a chant used by football fans to badger the ref after they fall for a player flopping or being overly dramatic.

Chu actually responded to say that Tracer was indeed a football fan and even gave an easy hint to her favorite FC.

"Blue is the color," Chu revealed, which as any soccer fan worth their salt will know means Tracer is officially a fan of Chelsea.

Tracer and Chelsea are both from London, so it makes a lot of sense to have the hero cheering for her hometown team.


Overwatch football skins?

Unlike games like Fortnite, Overwatch doesn't usually do crossover skins, so unfortunately special skins for soccer teams probably won't happen anytime soon.

The Overwatch Anniversary event begins in late May once the Archives event wraps up on May 6, and there will be plenty of new skins then.

Exactly what heroes will be getting skins is still unknown, but Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan teased a new D.Va skin on stream that would "break the internet," and finally end the long skin drought for D.Va mains.

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