Overwatch 2 team teases Mercy changes coming in Season 4

Filip Krawanski
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Overwatch 2’s Lead Hero Designer, Alec Dawson has shared some insight about the dev team’s plans to change Mercy’s kit in the upcoming Season 4 and beyond.

Mercy certainly doesn’t stay away from the spotlight for long, as she experienced a slew of adjustments throughout Overwatch 2 already. Her balance changes at the outset of Season 3 caused some confusion among the Overwatch 2 players.

Overwatch 2 lead designer Alec Dawson is suggesting that further changes are coming to Mercy in Season 4, and that she isn’t in the spot they’d like her to be in even after extensive changes.

BroYouWack and ChristalRaine interviewed Dawson during a live stream QnA session. Christal asked Alec if the development team is happy with where Mercy is currently standing balance-wise since many members of the community are not, and he revealed that the balance team have some changes in mind.

Overwatch 2 team preparing changes to Mercy

It’s no understatement to call Mercy one of the most controversial heroes in Overwatch’s long and storied history over the past 7 years. Her ultimate getting reworked was a highly contested change back in the days of Overwatch 1, and conversations around her balance have continued into Overwatch 2.

It is hard to gauge whether the changes that Overwatch 2 dev team is cooking up for Mercy are simple adjustments, buffs, nerfs, or a combination of all three.

“Yes we are looking at Mercy, yes we are looking at making some changes. Perhaps at Season 4,” said Dawson. “We are looking at that healing and the 50% bonus to low health targets and how while that does something I think very good for Mercy, it is very strong.”

The community is split on this revelation, as some players think Mercy needs to be reverted to her state pre-latest changes.

“Revert mercy to her 55 heals self and just nerf blue beam damage amp from 30% to 20%, I’m so tired of going up against 67/90 heals per second heal botters,” stated one user under Overwatch Cavalry’s tweet reporting on the situation.

Others argue that she is in a healthy spot right now and no further changes are needed.

“As a Mercy main I like her new changes actually, just would like her GA cooldown to lower a little bit but apart from that I like everything,” states another player.

It’s not known when these changes will come to the live server, but Alex did tease that they might appear as soon as Season 4 that begins in April.

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