Overwatch 2 players call for changes to “broken” Zenyatta ability

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Overwatch 2 players from across many different skill levels are complaining about Zenyatta’s discord orb, due to how easy it is to use and how much value it generates.

Since the changes introduced in Overwatch 2’s release, teams only have one tank to hide behind. Zenyatta’s discord orb was designed for a game with multiple tanks, meaning support players had to put more thought into who to increase damage on.

Now that we’re down to one tank per team, the choice is much easier- just discord the tank permanently. Not only does it make them easier to shred, it forces them to find cover if they want to break line of sight to remove the orb, making it harder to block damage on the front line.

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Because of this, both Top500 and casual players are expressing their frustration with Zenyatta, with many players suggesting alternative ways the ability could work.

Overwatch 2 players call for Zenyatta discord orb rework

In a post on the Overwatch 2 subreddit titled: “I just Played Tank for the First Time in Overwatch 2, and Discord Orb is the Worst Experience I’ve Ever Had in the Game”, a new player expressed his frustration at the ability.

“I quite literally cannot do anything against discord orb. I get discorded and my health gets shredded like I’m a squishy if I so much as peak the enemy team.

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“The amount of value he gets for pressing one button is ridiculous, and he completely ruins everything that makes tank fun.”

The player also suggested that tanks could get preferential treatment in the same way they did with Ana’s sleep, saying: “Please, PLEASE, do something with discord orb – at least lower the debuff on tanks like you did for sleep dart on Ana.”

Many players in the replies agreed with them, with one saying: “Just with one click, with crazy range and no cooldown at all it’s a huge disadvantage for a Tank. I can’t believe that they are ignoring this problem.”

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Top500 player and Overwatch content creator Flats also criticized the ability, describing it as “inherently not healthy for the game”

He also said that it make playing tanks into Zenyatta “one of the most miserable experiences you can have.”

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