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Original Overwatch 2 idea gives Zenyatta improved support abilities

Published: 21/Jan/2020 0:22

by Bill Cooney


A new original concept explores what abilities and upgrades Zenyatta might see in Overwatch 2 when it comes out.

Overwatch 2 was announced at BlizzCon 2019, and while we don’t know exactly when the new game will be releasing, we did get a preview of things to come when it was revealed.

Besides the heroes that were featured at the BlizzCon preview, we don’t have any idea about the new abilities coming for everyone, which is why some fans have started to explore what abilities other characters could get in the new game.

Overwatch 2 Tracer, Reinhardt and Mei next to a healing beacon
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 will bring a new game mode, a story mode and more when it comes out.

Reddit user cal-nomen-official has already come up with several new ability ideas for heroes in Overwatch 2, and now they’re back with a new look at what Zenyatta’s new PvE abilities might be in the new game.

His level one abilities have traits that Zenyatta players probably wish were in-game now, such as “Comfort” which allows Harmony Orb to move through walls to heal allies.

The other level one ability is “Nirvana” which gives allies in range a 50% damage boost while using Transcendence, which could even be the type of change that would work in the main game to make Zen more viable, but a 50% increase may be a little much.

cal-nomen’s idea for what Zenyatta’s Overwatch 2 abilities could look like.

At level 10, Orb Volley’s alternate fire is able to pierce through enemies and barriers, and the very powerful “Ascension” that makes allies invulnerable and speeds up resurrections in the ability’s aura.

Obviously these abilities would be way too powerful for PvP, but in a PvE campaign, raid boss-type experience, they could work just fine.

For instance with “Despair” at level 20, the target that has Discord orb would take three times the damage from critical shots instead of two times.

It will be interesting to see what kind of abilities Zenyatta actually gets in Overwatch 2 PvE.

An interesting concept for level 50 is “Ying and Yang”, which allows both orbs to be sent to an ally or enemy, healing 75/sec of an allies health or increasing damage received when on enemies by 75%.

Again, these aren’t leaks or anything like that, they are just fan-made concepts looking at what kind of abilities could be coming in Overwatch 2, and while they may not be legit, they are pretty interesting to think about what kinds of abilities heroes will be getting in the new game.


Overwatch update gives Winston Sombra and D.Va new Karaoke voice lines

Published: 29/Nov/2020 0:26

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch’s last patch on November 19 has finally given Sombra, Winston, and D.Va new Easter Egg karaoke voice lines on the Busan map.

The ability for certain heroes to sing on Busan isn’t exactly a secret, but it is a fun little Easter Egg hidden away. Devs have apparently been hard at work adding heroes to this exclusive club recently as well.

A few months ago Ashe, Baptiste, and Widowmaker joined the club, and, just before 2020 wraps up, Winston, Sombra, and D.Va have finally been let in on the fun as well.

Blizzard Entertainment
The karaoke spawn room on Busan lets Overwatch heroes sing their hearts out.

Apparently added during the November 19 patch, these new voice lines weren’t found by players until a few days later when videos started to pop up. Sure enough, all three have new voice lines, though we wouldn’t exactly call what Sombra is doing “singing.”

Instead of laying down any bars, Sombra simply discusses the merits of hacking, pays off all of the neighbors’ bills (how nice), and changes the Karaoke bar landlord’s WiFi password (not so nice).

Winston’s two lines play on him being both a great ape and a great scientist. One has him explaining the first law of thermodynamics to players: “energy cannot be created or destroyed.” His other is about clapping with his hands and feet since, you know, he’s a gorilla.

Finally, the pièce de résistance, at least for all of the D.Va players out there, are her new Karaoke lines. In Overwatch lore, Hana ‘D.Va’ Song is both an esports champion and K-POP star, so you’d think she would have gotten her lines much sooner than she did.

If the Tank singing “Pew Pew Pew” isn’t adorable enough, she also proudly proclaims, “someone has to save the world, it might as well be me,” along with another line in her native tongue, Korean.

This brings the number of heroes who can sing on Busan up to 17 with Winston, Sombra, and D.Va; which is officially more than half of the 32 heroes currently in the game.