Mysterious new object appears on Overwatch map – what does it mean?

Blizzard Entertainment

A new object has been discovered on Overwatch’s Ecopoint map leading many to wonder if this is a teaser of something bigger coming soon. 

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The item in question is a mysterious snow globe crystal ball of sorts with the word “GREY” on it. Inside of the crystal are what appear to be particles and sparkling effects.

It also has a piece with the Overwatch logo attached. Interestingly, the top portion of the logo is a light blue. This particular variant of the logo makes an appearance in the Mei animated short “Rise and Shine”, which also takes place on the Ecopoint map. The logo is spotted on a door to the facility. 

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(Timestamp 3:55 for mobile users)

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In the same short, there’s a similar logo modification (albeit with green instead of blue). At 1:09 the modified Overwatch logo is shown in three instances. On the computer’s desktop background, as an icon on the computer, and in the picture off to the right.

The bigger question is the word “GREY” and what implications does it have? Why was it added? Strangely, the item seems to be attached to a table and cannot be dislodged even by primary fire shot.

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Blizzard EntertainmentCould more secrets be lurking on the Ecopoint map?
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How was the object found?

The new object was first discovered by Redditor ForenOW. In a video post, he detailed how he created a “Find Items” custom game mode. “For example, on Ecopoint you need to find ‘26 items with Overwatch symbol’,” ForenOW wrote.

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“But today I received a notification in the ‘bug report’ that someone found 27th item with an overwatch symbol that wasn’t in the list. It turned out that this item was added by Blizzard in a new patch,” the sharp-eyed Redditor added.

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If you want to play the Find Items game mode for yourself, as it exists for multiple maps, you can do so at this link as it details all the locations and items along with Workshop codes.

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Could something be planned for Blizzcon? 

Blizzcon is Blizzard’s flagship event and is scheduled to begin on November 1 this year. Normally a new hero and sometimes a map is revealed at the annual event and this year shouldn’t be any different. 

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The last map added to Overwatch was Havana back in May 2019, so players are eager to get their hands on something new. Notably, Blizzard skipped Gamescom this year which is where the company often unveils new maps. In the past both Eichenwalde and Junkertown have been revealed at the European event. 

Blizzard EntertainmentHavana was added to Overwatch back in May.
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Map changes often indicate an announcement of some sort is planned. Previously, Horizon Lunar Colony and Route 66 were both changed up leading up to the release of Wrecking Ball and Ashe. 

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There is bound to be a lot more speculation where this came from and potentially more secrets to discover as Blizzcon grows increasingly near. 

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