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More Details Have Emerged Regarding Overwatch League Expansion for Season Two

Published: 28/May/2018 17:33 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 13:00

by Joe O'Brien


New details have surfaced regarding Blizzard’s plans for Overwatch League expansion ahead of Season Two.

In an interview with German publication Handelsblatt, president and CEO of the Overwatch League Pete Vlastelica hinted at some of the league’s plans.

It has already been reported that the league intends to add new franchises for Season Two, and Vlastelica confirmed that they’re looking to expand by six teams. While that number has been referenced before, the interview also revealed the intended distribution of those spots – two in Asia-Pacific, two in Europe, and two in North America.

While Vlastelica doesn’t reveal exactly where those spots will be located, he does touch on the possibility of a franchise in Berlin. Blizzard are apparently very interested in adding a Berlin team to the league, and while nothing is confirmed for this round of expansion, they intend to have a team there “at the latest next year”, which would presumably mean ahead of Season Three if not by Season Two.

Vlastelica also confirms that Blizzard is focused on Paris, Amsterdam, and some Scandinavian regions as other potential points of interest in Europe. He states that discussions are being held “with stakeholders in Berlin, but also in France, Spain, and Sweden.”

Season One of the Overwatch League features twelve teams, of which nine are based in North America, two in Asia (Shanghai Dragons and Seoul Dynasty), and one in Europe (London Spitfire).

The original buy-in for teams was rumoured to be $20 million each. For Season Two, it has been reported that Blizzard is asking for up to $60 million from prospective new owners.

Despite the significant increase in price, it seems Blizzard is confident of attracting enough interested investors to expand as much as they wish. The full interview with Pete Vlastelica can be read on Handelsblatt, in which he touches on a variety of aspects of the league so far.


How to get Overwatch Sombra Golden Gun Spray

Published: 26/Oct/2020 16:10

by Nate Searl


Overwatch is always looking for new ways to keep their players engaged and new rewards are always a great way to do this. It looks like players will have an opportunity to get a shiny new spray featuring Sombra’s Golden Gun in Season 25. 

According to a leak from OverwatchNaeri on Twitter, players can earn a brand new spray in Season 25 of competitive play in Overwatch.

The spray is an animated image of Sombra’s weapon with a big “XXV” (25 in roman numerals) under the gun.

How to get the spray

Earning the spray is going to be the hard part. To get it, you need to reach the top 500 in competitive Season 25 of Overwatch. It shouldn’t matter if you finish in the Top 500, as long as you make it there at some point in the season. You should get the spray upon reaching the Top 500 for the first time. This is how other Top 500 sprays have worked in the past at least.

Getting to the Top 500 is exactly what it sounds like. You need to be in the top 500 players in your region according to your Skill Rating. Usually, this means you will need to be Grandmaster in rank around 4,200 Skill Rating. So if you want the skin and you aren’t quite Grandmaster yet, be sure to check out our guides and start grinding to get good!

When does Season 25 start?

Overwatch Season 24 end date
Activision Blizzard
Overwatch Season 24 end date

Currently, it’s still Season 24, so you can’t get the new spray quite yet. Season 24 is currently set to end on November 5, which means that Season 25 should begin directly after that. Assuming there are no unexpected delays, you can expect the new season to begin on November 5 as well.

Season 25 should be no different than Season 24 outside of upcoming balance changes. The Overwatch team is still hard at work on Overwatch 2, which means we likely won’t see any radical changes or new content in the near future. So, you can expect the meta to be similar to what it is now and begin preparing for your climb once the new season starts.

Remember, your Skill Rating only gets a soft reset, so climbing now will also be beneficial for earning the skin once next season begins as well.