Moira Conspiracy Deepens With Latest Story Hint from Overwatch Retribution Mission

A statement from Moira on the Retribution mission has added another detail to the story surrounding the event.

The Retribution mission sees four Blackwatch agents, Gabriel Reyes, McCree, Genji, and Moira, infiltrate a Talon facility in retaliation for an attack on Overwatch.

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The original plan, as demonstrated by the preceding digital comic that also showed the incident that prompted the mission, was to capture Talon boss Antonio and bring him in for questioning. After being taunted by Antonio that his capture would be meaningless as his friends would have him released within the week, however, Reyes instead executes Antonio on the spot.

McCree’s immediate reaction shows he clearly disapproves of the decision, and while Genji doesn’t denounce Reyes outright, the tone of his own debriefing suggests he too isn’t happy with Reyes’ actions.

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Blizzard has now released Moira’s debrief statement, however, which shows that she stands by Reyes, praising his command of the mission.

While it’s a minor detail, Moira’s support for Reyes potentially ties into the fan theory that Moira might in fact have been pulling the strings to some degree, helping to orchestrate this very outcome. Moira’s later connection to Talon is implied in her character bio, but fans have built a fairly credible theory that she was already working for them at this time.

Given that the Retribution mission ultimately resulted in Blackwatch being revealed to the world, initiated the downfall of Overwatch itself and pushed Reyes one step closer to becoming Talon agent Reaper, Moira’s continued support for Reyes does perhaps take on a slightly sinister element.