Mirrored Overwatch maps are absolute mind-benders

. 2 years ago
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An Overwatch YouTuber has reversed several Overwatch maps, and the results are absolutely mind-bending – even for experienced players.

Over the last four years, we’ve gotten to know the various maps of Overwatch pretty well – but what if there was a way to make every map almost brand-new again?

It might sound strange, but that’s exactly what YouTuber SI Not Found did by simply flipping the game’s maps horizontally.

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SI said they created the reversed maps for our “discomfort”, and there does seem to be something just inherently wrong about seeing Overwatch levels like this.

For clarification, SI didn’t actually flip the maps in-game; they simply recorded footage of Tracer exploring the regular maps, then flipped the footage horizontally.

The end result is nothing short of ingenious for such a simple experiment. By reversing the direction of all the scenery, King’s Row basically becomes a brand new map.

SI Not Found
It’s King’s Row alright, but not the map we know and love.

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If you thought the new King’s Row was disturbing, then just wait until you see what SI did to Temple of Anubis, which somehow makes the 2CP map look even more intimidating.

Going left instead of right through the first choke point just seems wrong for some reason, but a reversed Anubis would be a ton of crazy fun, which is why some Overwatch fans actually want to see this happen for real.

Several people suggested in the video’s comments that the reversed maps should be added as a future April Fool’s day celebration by developers, but that might be easier said than done.

SI Not Found
What kind of messed-up Bizarro World Hollywood is this?

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Flipping levels completely on their heads is would probably be much more difficult for devs than say, adding googly eyes to every hero, but it would certainly make things a little more interesting.

Playing Overwatch this way would probably be a lot like trying to write an essay with your non-dominant hand, it would be strange and almost unworkable at first, but we’d (probably) eventually get the hang of it.

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