Male Overwatch 2 pros accused of throwing games with female players then bragging

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Male Overwatch 2 pros are being accused of throwing ranked games with female players in the lobby and then bragging about it online. 

Ever since news came out of Valorant pro player Melanie ‘meL’ Capone’s rejection from trials with Tier one teams due to her gender, various players and personalities from other esports have come out to voice their experiences.

This included Overwatch 2, where the women’s pro scene, Calling all Heroes (CAH), recently started in 2022 to promote pro play among females and other marginalized groups in the Overwatch space. 

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However, in this very scene, select pros are now being accused of throwing ranked games with female players involved and bragging about it on their private Twitter accounts. 

Aramori, an Overwatch CAH player for Rift Guardians received a reply to a tweet that downplayed sexism in esports. However, Aramori replied with a screenshot of a pro player’s tweet bragging about throwing games. 

Aramori said, “This is from when Aspen tried to get Rank 1, and these (well-known) players threw her games and bragged about it on their private Twitter. Sexism in esports is everywhere, they just hide behind closed doors.” 

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Aspen is a popular Overwatch streamer and pro player. The private account that was captured was censored out, however, we can see them bragging about making Aspen give up her climb to Rank 1 on the leaderboard.

Aspen would go on to acknowledge the accusation, confirming that the censored names are real pros, saying, “I just found this out today but the censored names are pros. I’m a bit heartbroken.” 

Aramori responded to comments asking to uncensor the names, adding: “Please stop getting mad at me for censoring it, my goal isn’t to cancel anyone, it’s just to bring awareness to the fact that this happens.

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“Also, you can’t blame me, I do not want them and their friends to come after me because I am actively trying to play competitively. It actually harms me.” 

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