How to play Splatoon in Overwatch

Matt Porter
Blizzard / EB Studios

An Overwatch player has created a brand new mode in the game’s Workshop that allows fans of popular Nintendo shooter Splatoon to play the game with their favorite heroes.

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Splatoon is a third-person shooter game for Nintendo Switch that sees players attempt to cover the map and opponents in ink that is a specific color to match their team. The squad who has the most ink on the map by the end of the match is declared the winner.

Thanks to the Workshop and creator /u/IamJhaooo, Overwatch players can now take part in their own version of Splatoon, placing down colored smoke instead of paint as they battle to become the dominant team.

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EB Studios
Splatoon comes to Overwatch with this amazing Workshop mode.

In this mode, players can only use the Moira, whose primary weapon now fires out colored smoke which dictates which areas you have covered with your teams ‘splat’. Using Moira’s secondary fire mode destroys the opposing team’s smoke, leaving it clear for you to easily place down your own.

Unlike Splatoon, only certain objective points in the map can be showered with ink, so players can’t escape from their opponents and try and cover a different area. This is to promote constant engagement and battle with the enemy team.

Players can leave the objective zone but will be put into a ‘slow status’ until they return to the point. The game will automatically cycle through objective zones, so players don’t need to worry about finding the next one themselves.

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The Overwatch Workshop is a tool introduced to the game that gives players ultimate control over how the game is played. Creators can alter the game modes found inside the game, and even create their own rules for heroes.

The mode has also helped create a number of training tools, that can be used to improve your skills using game mechanics like Ana’s Sleep Darts or charging with Reinhardt.

If you would like to try out this Splatoon-inspired mode, the code is: ZF9RV.