Houston Outlaws’ Muma Talks About the Meta for Overwatch League Stage 4

Joe O'Brien

Houston Outlaws main tank Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmot has commented on the meta for Overwatch League Stage 4.

Muma offered a brief insight into what fans should expect to see in the upcoming stage of the Overwatch League during a recent stream.

The Overwatch League is played on a tournament realm that is only updated between stages, to ensure that all matches within a stage are played under the same conditions. When it is updated, however, it isn’t always brought entirely in line with the live servers, with major game changes occasionally left out if there’s little time for players to adjust to them before the start of the stage.

As a result, the Overwatch League can be an entity unto itself when it comes to the prevailing meta. Not only does it feature the strongest teams in the world, with the talent and support staff to develop strategies that the teams outside the league cannot, but it is often played on a different patch to the likes of Overwatch Contenders.

There is no guarantee, then, that any of the strategies or approaches seen outside of the league will translate into the league itself. The meta for the upcoming stage will remain something of a mystery until it is demonstrated in matches.

Houston Outlaws’ Muma has shed a little light on what to expect, however. Contrary to many expectations, he reveals that on the patch the teams have been practicing on “dive” strategies remain viable.

Based on the current live game, in particular the implications of Brigitte’s addition, many expected dive compositions, which utilize heroes with movement abilities such as Winston to dive onto the enemy team, might not be as viable as in all previous stages.

Muma also claims that Stage 4 could see the most versatile meta in the Overwatch League so far.

Stage 4 of the league is set to kick off on May 16th and will conclude on June 17th.

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