Hidden McCree spot on Overwatch’s Route 66 can score cheeky kills

. 3 years ago
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Route 66 is one of Overwatch’s oldest payload maps, but that doesn’t mean everything there is to be discovered on it has already been found. A unique spot on the third point can help change the flow of battle for McCree players of all levels.

The location, posted to Reddit by user VkOverwatchSchool, the third sneak third point spot can be accessed by jumping onto a motorcycle against a wall then onto a railing of sorts that doesn’t look like you should be able to stand on.

Lo and behold, however, there is enough room for cowboys to walk on the space, jump again and have access to a bit of highground overlooking a door which the attacking team can try to enter from.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
This risky move can have a major pay off.

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As the discovery shows, McCree players have a good vantage point to see where enemies are coming from which can allow for you to get the drop on them resulting in sneaky kills with the classic flashbang into fan the hammer combo.

The end result can be a quick kill for your team giving you a man advantage. With that said, there is a time and place to attempt this play.

When should you go for this move?

In a long team fight where your team has the edge and the enemy is trying to reinforce back from their own spawn, going to this location can make a big difference.

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The enemy may be too focused on getting back to the fight that their guard will be down or won’t look up to your unexpected hiding place. This can allow you to drop down, crouch and go score a flashbang stun and a kill.

It could also be useful on attack in case you’ve pushed up and want to get a frag onto an enemy coming out of spawn. Another good use on attack could be to scout for your team and potentially come from behind with a Deadeye ultimate.

Be warned, however, that an enemy team that’s grouped up can easily eliminate you if you’re spotted from this position so it’s best to be mindful of your opponents’ positioning and not just your own.

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