Game-breaking Overwatch 2 Kiriko bug that Blizzard “fixed” is actually still in effect

Kiriko teleports in overwatch 2Blizzard

A game-breaking Kiriko bug, one that fails to teleport the hero, which Blizzard supposedly “fixed” with the release of Season 4, is actually still in Overwatch 2. 

Season 4 of Overwatch 2 is here, and that means new content, a new hero, and a plethora of buffs, nerfs, and bug fixes. Despite all the fresh additions and changes, however, one long-standing bug is still affecting Kiriko’s teleport to this day. 

According to the Season 4 patch notes, Blizzard “fixed an issue where in some cases Swift Step would fail to teleport the player.” Though, after going hands-on with the new update, it seems the issue has not been fixed yet at all. 

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In a Reddit post, one player shared a clip of them repeatedly trying to teleport to a nearby ally Reinhardt after the Season 4 patch, only for their hero to just stand still doing Naruto-esque jutsu’s, not teleporting to the Rein.

Another player jokingly commented that “two more signs and you could’ve done [the] water dragon jutsu.” Despite the plethora of jutsu jokes, some tried to offer an explanation for why it might be happening. 

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One theorized that it might have happened because the game fails to find room next to an ally for Kiriko to teleport to. This might make sense since the Rein was in a narrow corner, and the player was only able to teleport once the Rein moved away.

Otherwise, the thread was filled with players giving anecdotes of their own experiences with Kirko’s teleport not working, questioning why Blizzard had not properly fixed it yet, despite claiming otherwise. 

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Unfortunately, Kiriko’s teleport, just like other teleport-style abilities in Overwatch 2, has had its own history of massive bugs. And it seems this one might be staying for a while, at least until Blizzard attempts to fix it for a second time.

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