Overwatch Academy Team Fusion University Have Their Jersey’s Banned for Saying ‘FU’ On Them

The academy Overwatch side for OWL team Philadelphia Fusion were forced to play in plain black T-Shirts after their official jersey was not permitted.

Everyone likes a good play on words – unless it seems you are in charge of deciding which Overwatch team jersey’s are allowed or not.

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The Philadelphia Fusion’s academy roster are aptly named ‘Fusion University’, and in order to fit this lengthy title onto the team jersey’s, they went with a simple abbreviation.

Of course, this resulted in the front of the jersey reading ‘FU’ – which apparently didn’t sit well with organizers.

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Fusion University’s Official Jerseys. Image: Fusion University
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The team had qualified for the Overwatch Contenders grand finals tournament in Poland, which took place on May 12th, but were not permitted to represent their team’s jersey.

Instead, they walked out proudly all wearing just plain black t-shirts, which thankfully didn’t effect their mental preparation, as they took their match against the OpTic Gaming academy 3-1.

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Fusion confirmed to Dot Esports that it was indeed a ban on their original jersey’s which forced them into wearing the black t-shirts instead.

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It is also reported that some staff members of the Fusion organization were vocal on Twitter, citing a hypocrisy in the ruling as there is a character in the game who displays the word ‘BAMF’, which has an equally if not more so vulgar meaning.