Frustrating Overwatch glitch causes Brigitte’s shield to deploy sideways

Bill Cooney

[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]Overwatch players have stumbled onto a new Brigitte glitch that causes her shield to deploy facing the side, instead of in front of the hero as it’s supposed to.

Brig’s shield might not be as beefy or large as her mentor Reinhardt’s, but it does a good job of protecting herself and any other squishy heroes in a pinch – that is, if it decides to deploy the right way.

Brigitte’s shield is much less effective when not facing forward.

That’s the problem with a new glitch popping up for the support hero, which apparently causes her shield to deploy to her left side, rather than straight out in front, which obviously won’t block damage as intended.

In the clip below, Brig starts out with her shield working just fine, before she hops on point and tries to stall a little longer. As she deploys the shield, it covers her side, but leaves her wide open to the enemy McCree just off the point.

With no shield (or at least no shield in the right place), Brigitte is predictably annihilated by McCree, and it’s safe to say this isn’t some bizarre interaction between the two heroes, either.

One user suggested in the comments that the glitch could be due to Brig deploying her shield just as McCree activated Deadeye, but that doesn’t explain why it was still to the side after – or why she was able to be finished off by some regular shots.

Additionally, the bug shows up in the killcam replay, which makes the possibility of this being a bizarre interaction even smaller.

This bug could be a latency issue, but based on the clip, that seems unlikely.

Finally, it could be a latency issue, but there’s none of the telltale signs that network problems are to blame, like rubber banding and choppy, delayed animation (plus, the latency counter in the top left of the clip stays at a steady 54 ms throughout).

Brigitte did receive some substantial nerfs in the June 30 retail patch affecting the amount of armor she can give with her Repair Packs, but as far as we know, a sideways shield update was not included. So, if you want to avoid the chance of this bug happening, the best course of action might be just not picking Brig until Blizzard rolls out a fix.