Former San Francisco Shock analyst explains how Brigitte is Overwatch’s “problem child”

Bill Cooney

Brigitte has been the scourge of tank players ever since she was introduced into Overwatch, but former San Francisco Shock analyst Harsha Bandi has some ideas to make her more enjoyable to play against while retaining her ability to contribute to her team.

In the Youtube video, Harsha explains that before Brigitte was introduced, the dive team composition was the strongest in all of Overwatch, Brigitte counters this by helping her team isolate and eliminate dive tanks with her crowd control abilities.

“She really makes a Winston’s job hard,” Harsha explained in the video, and added that her crowd control abilities can make her a little overbearing to play against.

But crowd control is only one issue with Brigitte, her ability to give teammates temporary and permanent armor in defensive or offensive situations is another reason playing against her can feel overwhelming.

As a result of Brigitte’s almost constant pick rate in competitive and pro levels of play, we see more Doomfist and Sombra, heroes who can nullify or overpower the armor she puts out.

Harsha ends the video with his suggestion that toning down the amount of armor Brigitte can distribute to her team and focusing more on the crowd control aspects of her kit would lead to a healthier Brigitte and more styles of team play in competitive.

An analyst for the San Francisco Shock during the Inaugural season of the Overwatch League, Harsha left the team to pursue other opportunities in the offseason.