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Epic Overwatch play shows Genji is best counter to Torbjorn’s ultimate

Published: 9/Mar/2020 18:05

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch Ultimates are normally the strongest aspect of a hero’s kit, and Torbjorn’s Molten Core is no exception. That said, Genji’s deflect ability can make Torb mains everywhere rethink popping their Ults.

Twitch streamer Shin_UT showed exactly why this is the case with a crazy play during a March 7 broadcast.

While defending Eichenwalde’s Point A, Shin and his team had burned nearly half the time off the clock when the enemy Torbjorn decided it was time to burn them back.

Blizzard Entertainment
Genji’s deflect can send many abilities – including ultimates – back at the enemy.

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The Torbjorn player activated his Molten Core Ultimate and began to blast his super hot lava at the defenders.


Shin’s Reinhardt did a good job at blocking most of the splurge with his shield, but the cyborg ninja player decided to take matters into his own hands and activated deflect while walking past the barrier.

As a result, the streamer was able to send a lot of the flaming goo back towards the attackers who were in hot pursuit towards the point.

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Even though Shin’s Doomfist ally popped off and scored two frags, it was the deflect that made all the difference and helped secure the team kill.

The deflected Molten Core first disposed of the attacking Ana, then the enemy Torbjorn himself, followed by both opposing tanks with both the Zarya and Reinhardt getting burned to a crisp.


“What the hell?!” Shin’s teammates laughed. “Did Genji get a new ability?”

Blizzard Entertainment
The enemy Torb must have been livid.

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While D.Va and Sigma can deny Torb’s ultimate by “eating” it if they time their Defense Matrix or Kinetic Grasp right, his deflect is a more powerful option as it sends the lava back at the Swedish builder.

It should be noted, however, that while Genji can counter Torb’s Ultimate, he doesn’t exactly counter him overall. Torbjorn’s turret can create a lot of problems for the Shimada in the backline, and the Japanese hero can have trouble securing frags on him due to his armor health and Overload ability.


That said, this play is a perfect example of why shooting at a deflecting Genji is never a good idea when your attack can be sent right back at you.