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Curious Overwatch teaser suggests Echo is Hero 32

Published: 17/Mar/2020 20:29

by Bill Cooney


The official Overwatch Twitter has revealed another clue for a potential upcoming hero with an intriguing short video clip posted without warning on March 17.

On Monday, March 16, fans got a brand new teaser in the form of a log entry from one Dr. Mina Liao, who’s listed as one of the founding members of Overwatch in the game’s lore.

From the first clue, we now know that Dr. Liao was the creator of Overwatch’s Athena program and was working on a new project that she thought would show people the “true potential of artificial life,” but it seems like something went wrong.


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The newest teaser is a short video clip of what we can safely assume is a panicked Dr. Liao yelling something at her staff.

“Everyone get back, stay down, stay down!” she yells in clip, which is followed by the sounds of an explosion.

Additionally, there’s an image of something blowing up along with a headshot of the Doctor that the audio plays over in the tweet. If something happened to Dr. Liao during that explosion, it might just be the best clue yet that Echo is actually Hero 32.

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Obviously, with only two teasers so far, it could be way too early to be jumping to conclusions, but the pieces have painted an enticing picture for Echo up to this point. What if Dr. Liao wanted to prove to humans there was more to artificial life and intelligence by transferring her consciousness to an artificial, Omnic body. 


Maybe it was only supposed to be a temporary experiment, but something went wrong causing an explosion that destroyed her physical body, leaving only the Omnic with her consciousness inside of it behind.

This would also explain the hero’s name, since all that would remain is the “Echo” of her mind inside of the Omnic body.

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Regardless of whether or not our theory is correct and Echo is actually coming up, we do know a new hero is likely to be revealed this week thanks to Overwatch streamer emongg, who’s been actively involved with Blizzard.


During a stream on March 16, he hinted that a new support hero could be coming out or announced on Thursday, March 19.

“Hopefully the new hero is good, but even that’s a support hero, we’ll see though. I’m excited to look at it,” the streamer told fans. “Leak? You mean the new hero coming out on like Thursday or whatever? Is that a leak?”

It’s clear that something big is coming soon to Overwatch, and all signs seem to point to it being a new hero. Whether or not we’ll finally see Echo added to the game, though, might remain a mystery for a little while longer.