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Crazy Overwatch flanking trick makes Reinhardt a deadly sneak on Oasis

Published: 17/Feb/2020 0:53

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A sneaky Overwatch fan has figured out the best way to flank with Reinhardt on the Oasis map, and it’s actually a pretty impressive strategy.

Flanking is one of the best ways to get the jump on an opponent in the hero shooter, especially if you can do so without being spotted by the enemy team. Many matches have been won by having a strategy that gives your side the edge.

Now, a crafty player has found the most insane and unexpected way to get the drop on foes on the City Center section of the Oasis map using tank hero Reinhardt. Gone are the days of pushing through with a shield – now, he flies.


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Insane Reinhardt Overwatch flank

On February 16, user ‘Masterofincompetence‘ shared a video of their wild technique to the Overwatch subreddit, showing off exactly how they’ve mastered the crazy flank.

If you’ve ever played on the City Center section of Oasis, you’ll no doubt recognize the massive launchpad that’s situated down one of the side alleys of the map.

Usually, players will use it to spring their way up to the balcony that overlooks the capture point, but this time, that’s not the reason it’s used.

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Instead of attempting to get onto the higher platform, the Reinhardt uses his Charge ability mid-jump to soar over the buildings and lands directly behind the enemy team – none of which even notice him.


He then proceeds to mow them all down with his Earthshatter ultimate, which had conveniently become ready just as he appeared behind his foes.

Once the opponents were down, the tank hero proceeded to send a well-aimed Fire Strike and eliminate an Ana, before going haywire with his Rocket Hammer, sending Genji, Bastion, and Orisa to their deaths with a quadruple kill.

Blizzard Entertainment
Rein’s hammer should never, ever be underestimated.

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There are many flanking strategies in Overwatch, such as Junkrat’s one for the Hanamura map, but seeing a Reinhardt fly is definitely up there as one of the most impressive ones yet.

So, when playing on Oasis’ City Centre section, make sure you check the skies periodically, just in case a giant tank comes soaring over your head at an attempt to catch you off guard.