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Blizzard reveals how they made Overwatch’s new Paris map feel so real

Published: 10/Feb/2019 20:02 Updated: 10/Feb/2019 21:08

by David Purcell


Blizzard Entertainment has given Overwatch fans a taste of what happens behind the scenes in order to create something as realistic as their new Paris map. 

The new map, which is currently only playable in Overwatch PTR on PC platform, was added to the game on January 30 and gives players the chance to battle against other heroes in the French capital city. 

While the Paris map may not be as busy as the real thing – with the absence of people – the developer has revealed a key trick which allowed them to create an authentic version of the city of lights. 


Overwatch’s new map has blown fans away since it was added to the game.

In a video uploaded to their Overwatch EU YouTube channel, Blizzard gave fans a look at the incredible sound work that went into the development of the Paris map. 

“When we found out that we were going to be representing Paris in Overwatch, we immediately thought we’re going to have to get some authentic sounds from that area,” Paul Lackey says, the sound design supervisor for Overwatch. 

Working alongside Blizzard’s team in Versailles, the Overwatch team had a field recordist capture the true sounds of Paris right from the heart of the city – everything from wind to the sound of boats moving down the river – in order to make the experience feel authentic, he says. 


“When I visited Paris 25 years ago, I recognized it as a very, very busy city” Lackey added. “People living life is the way that I view Paris. Everybody enjoying the plazas, the parks and strolling on the sidewalk – that’s kind of the Paris that we wanted to capture.”