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A Torbjorn Hammer Elimination Finally Happened in the Overwatch League

Published: 27/Aug/2018 21:35 Updated: 27/Aug/2018 21:57

by Vincent Genova


An unlikely hero was the star of Overwatch’s All Star weekend as Fury earned a meme worthy elimination with Torbjorn’s hammer.

It was the first elimination of its kind on the Overwatch League stage.

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Torbjorn is a defensive hero known primarily for setting up turrets, but the match pace and skill at the professional level meant he was rarely picked.

When Overwatch’s All Star weekend arrived and offered an opportunity for pros to have fun with characters outside of the meta, Torbjorn was high on the list of heroes the fans wanted to see.


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Unfortunately, due to Torbjorn’s slow walk speed and low health, a hammer elimination is incredibly unlikely no matter how casual the match is.

Fury and the Atlantic All Stars planned out their hammer attack carefully however, with Mano’s Ana boosting Torbjorn for the opportunity.

After a teammate stole the McCree elim from Fury, he found Genguri’s Reaper and started swinging.

Genguri jumped up onto a ledge, hoping to be out of the reach of the angry little Torb. It did not work.

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The first Overwatch League Season is now over, but the World Cup is currently underway.


Season 2 of the Overwatch League is expected to begin in early 2019.