Monster Hunter Now update brings game-changing Hunt-a-thon changes

James Busby
Diablos roaring

Niantic has released a server update for Monster Hunter Now that majorly alters Hunt-a-thons, so here’s everything we know about the latest changes.

The latest Monster Hunter Now server update is live and Niantic has made plenty of fixes and adjustments to the game’s Hunt-a-thons. Headlining this update is the easing of the distance restrictions needed to join Hunt-a-thons, while additional timing changes have been made.

These adjustments should make taking part in these special hunts a lot smoother. So, if you want to get the lowdown on all the latest Hunt-a-thon adjustments, then our Monster Hunter Now server update patch notes have outlined all the latest developments.

Main features adjusted or changed

Hunters fighting monsters in Monster Hunter Now
Niantic has made changes to Hunt-a-thons.

Niantic has released details for the latest Monster Hunter Now server update, which can be found in the list outlined below:

  • Changed the timing considered as joining a Hunt-a-thon.
  • Currently tapping “Join” to enter the lobby marked you as joined, triggering the cooldown timer. With this update, it will be considered upon successfully completing the first hunt, including when Hunt-a-thon Tickets are used.
  • Eased some of the distance restrictions in Hunt-a-thons.
    • Please note that there might be further adjustments or changes in the future. Additionally, be cautious not to return to the Main Screen when away from the Hunt-a-thon point, as it may prevent rejoining.
  • Even if the Item Box reaches full capacity, you’ll now be able to continue Hunt-a-thon without interruption.

So, there you have it, that’s all the changes to Hunt-a-thons in the latest Monster Hunter Now update. As always, be sure to check out our Monster Hunter Now page for all the latest news and guides.