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Minecraft streamer freaks out after well-timed Twitch donation scares him

Published: 10/Feb/2020 20:17

by Eli Becht


Minecraft is a relaxing game to play after a long day, but the sound of a Creeper can ruin anyone’s night, as we saw happen to this unsuspecting Twitch streamer.

There’s no worse feeling than having your hard work of gathering materials and making a base completely undone by a Creeper who is dead set on blowing everything to bits.

These green critters seem to always pop up at the absolute worst times, and as soon as you hear that fuse lit, you know something terrible is about to happen.

Creepers are extremely dangerous.

Most Minecraft players would silently accept their fate once the Creeper shows up, but streamers don’t have this luxury as they have an audience watching their fears become a reality.


Twitch streamer EpicDonutDude_ was minding his own business harvesting his crops when he heard what appeared to be a Creeper become set for detonation.

Minecraft underwent a resurgence in 2019.

Only thing is, the noise of the monster was actually a notification from his Twitch stream instead of being an in-game sound.

Before DonutDude realized this, he had already let out an audible gasp and jumped in his seat, so while nothing exploded in his Minecraft world, his chat exploded in laughter.

“Oh f**k me, dude,” he said as he slumped down on his desk. “Honestly, dude, that was so well-timed.”

Almost immediately, the chat started spamming the “OMEGALUL” emote, which shows they got a good kick out of the whole ordeal.


If there’s a bright side to all of this, it’s that nothing was actually blown up, so there weren’t any repairs that had to be made.

Minecraft remains one of the most popular games in the world.

He does live very dangerously by even having this as a notification on his stream because false alarms like this can happen all the time.

While he was able to escape without a scratch this time, there’s no telling how the next encounter will go.