How to watch Minecraft Pride Championship 2021 featuring TommyInnit, Joey Graceffa & more

MC Championship PrideNoxcrew

The next iteration of the Minecraft Championship is slowly approaching, and the second event in June is to celebrate Pride month! And it will feature some prominent names from the Minecraft scene. 

We have seen multiple iterations of “competitive” Minecraft in the past, and the Minecraft Championship has emerged as one of the best ways for fans of the game to watch their favorite creators compete in a series of mini-games.

While the 2021 Championships are now done and dusted with, they are hosting a special tournament to commemorate Pride month, featuring creators such as TommyInnit and Vikkstar.

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It will feature some household names in the Minecraft community, along with some notable names from the LGTBQ+ community to celebrate the month.

How to watch the MC Pride Championships 2021

If you are looking to watch the event, then there are various ways you can take to view the gameplay. Most of the contestants are regular streamers on their respected platforms, whether that is Twitch or Youtube.

But, below is the official Noxcrew stream, where they will have a central overview of the tournament that we have embedded for your convenience.

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MCC PrideNoxcrew
The 2021 Minecraft Championships were held at the beginning of June 2021

What are the MC Pride Championships?

Identical to the regular MC Championships, this is a series of mini-games and events produced by Noxcrew, where certain teams will duke it out over the course of one day worth of events to see who is the best of the best.

Instead of prize money going to individual players, Noxcrew has stated that “All donations from the livestream, including a $100k USD contribution from YouTube Gaming (in celebration of the winning team), will benefit The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ youth, in the U.S”.

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When is the MC Pride Championship?

MCC GamesNoxcrew
The MC Championships are known for their ample amount of mini-games

This time around the event is going to begin on June 26, 2021 and will run over the duration of one day. If you are looking to tune into the action, then below is when the festivities kick off.

  • 12:00pm PST
  • 3:00pm EST
  • 8:00pm BST
  • 9:00pm CEST


Here are all the teams duking it out the MC Pride Championships.

Red Rabbits LDShadowLady Smallishbeans CaptainPuffy Vikkstar
Orange Ocelots InTheLittleWood Sqaishy TapL PearlesoenMoon
Yellow Yaks Ellen Mike Jane findy
Lime Llamas Wisp Tubbo TommyInnit Joey Graceffa
Green Guardians ItsFunneh Rainbows GoldenGlare DraconiteDragon
Cyan Creepers Lazarbeam Muselk Seapeekay Spifey
Aqua Axolotls Krinios Grizzy Gazza KreekCraft Ryguyrocky
Blue Bats AyCristene Shubble Nihachu Smajor
Purple Pandas JeromeASF Mefs Burren Eret
Pink Parrots Grian Solidarity Technoblade WilburSoot

TommyInnit is without a doubt the favorite going into the event, as Dream and GeorgeNotFound are both absent from this event for the time being. But, Lazarbeam and Muselk are also formidable names within the gaming community, so there is some attraction there.

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Lime LlamasNoxcrew
Lime Llamas are the fan-favorite as now


The teams will not just be going head to head in a straight fight over the course of the MC Championships, as Noxcrew has outlined 13 games these teams may have the chance to play in. These games are going to identify as the Minecraft Championships back at the beginning of June, so there may be some advantage there for certain players.

The better a team performs in these games, the more coins they will collect, and the two teams with the most cumulated coins will go head to head in a duel to decide the winner.

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Here are all the games that should be present within the MC Pride Championship 2021.

Bingo But Fast

Each team is given a grid of Minecraft items to craft. Armed with tools and efficiency, they must race each other to craft those items before their opponents take the coins rewarded for them.

After each successful craft, an item will reward less coins. After five different teams successfully craft an item, the item will ‘lockout’ and no more coins are awarded for subsequent crafts.

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bingo but fast

Ace Race

Ace Race is a three lap race around a big track full of shortcuts and pitfalls. Sprint, jump, and fly as fast as you can, and avoid obstacles to get the fastest time possible!


Skyblockle is a mix between Skyblock and Battle Royale! All teams begin on their own Skyblock island, surrounded by other islands containing useful resources. The goal of the game is to equip yourself, kill other players, and be the last team standing.

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Parkour Warrior

Parkour Warrior is an ultimate test of parkour! There are a number of parkour courses that contain three challenging zones within them. Players try to reach as far as they can within the time limit. However, players checkpoint after completing each obstacle, and when you fall, you re-spawn at your last checkpoint. This is a test of parkour, not of speed!


Hole in the Wall

The aim of the game is to remain the last team standing as large walls of slime converge on you from all directions! Jump and thread your way through the walls without being pushed off the platform.

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Over time, the speed of the walls will increase, as well as the platform beneath you decreasing in size!

Survival Games

It’s the classic! Last team standing wins! All players are let free to roam the map, trying to become more powerful through finding equipment hidden in buildings, all while the map borders converge into the centre, forcing you to fight for survival.

In this version, players have infinite levels, allowing them to enchant their equipment to further levels of power.

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survival games

Rocket Spleef

A unique take on the classic Minecraft mini-game of Spleef! Last team standing will win the most coins. All players are armed with elytras, fireworks and… rocket launchers! The rockets knock back players and destroy terrain. 


The aim of To Get to the Other Side (and Whack a Fan) is obvious… The game plays out in six rounds across six different maps. All players start on one end of the map and are given various tools to assist them in getting to the other side. Once they’ve made it across, they must punch a fan (one of you!) to complete their goal!

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Battle Box

An epic PvP-centric game that occurs over 9 rounds. Each team cycles round and plays against every other team in a 4v4 match up! Teams have 1 minute, and only 1 life to capture the centre objective before the other team.

Big Sales at Build Mart

A speed-building game that really tests communication and resource management! The aim is to build as many monuments as you can in the time limit by heading out into Build Mart, collecting the resources you need and bringing it back to your team’s private build zone.

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build a mart

Sky Battle

Similar to Skyblockle and the classic Minecraft mini-game Skywars, Sky Battle is a fast-paced game designed to keep teams moving and trying new strategies! 

Sands of Time

Sands of time is the most cryptic game in MCC. Teams enter their own dungeons and compete against the clock to collect as much hidden gold as they can. Keeping the timer topped up with sand is the only way for you to stay in the game


Dodgebolt is the final duel, and is not available on the Decision Dome. It’s an elimination game where the aim is to remain as the last team standing. Dodgebolt is played as a best of five, and the first team to reach three wins will become the MCC event winners!

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Noxcrew domeNoxcrew
Decisions are made within this dome

The games selected to play will be decided by players within The Decision Dome, a place where teams will be able to select the games they want to play next. So, strategy is key here, as there will not be a lot of time to collect as many coins as you can!

The new Minecraft Championships is a great chance to celebrate Pride month, along with raising awareness and money for the stated charities.