Save 38% on LEGO Marvel Set of Shuri’s Signature Sunbird jet

Ash Singh

You can construct an authentic LEGO version of Shuri’s signature Sunbird jet from Black Panther 2, now 38% off for a limited time on Amazon.

LEGO fans and Marvel enthusiasts can currently obtain an authentic brick-built recreation of Shuri’s advanced Sunbird jet from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever for 38% off on Amazon. This discounted price makes securing this quality LEGO product easier than ever for collectors.

This 355-piece LEGO Marvel set lets builders faithfully construct Shuri’s Sunbird in all its distinctive details. From the huge, ball-jointed rear engines to the trademark wings down to the pair of stud-shooting cannons.

Interactive touches also enhance imaginative play potential immensely alongside the signature vehicle itself. Hinged wings can fold while rear storage fits essential minifigure accessories too.

The set also comes complete with four Black Panther 2 characters translated into LEGO minifigure form: Shuri herself, armored ally Ironheart MK1, underwater warlord Attuma, and crafty Wakandan spy Nakia. Each sports accurately recreated costumes and context-appropriate equipment.

Save big on LEGO Marvel Shuri’s Sunbird set

LEGO Marvel Shuri's Sunbird set

Building your own piece of the Black Panther universe through 355 specialized bricks while recreating the acclaimed film’s events with the heroic and villainous included minifigures makes for interactive Marvel worldbuilding.

So for LEGO fans plus Marvel supporters looking for a meaningfully discounted toy, don’t hesitate to secure this 38% off LEGO recreation of Shuri’s signature Black Panther 2 Sunbird jet right now.

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