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Urgot set for major changes in TFT Patch 10.14 to “feel more fair”

Published: 26/Jun/2020 2:51

by Andrew Amos


Urgot is one of TFT Galaxies’ most controversial champions. Since being added in the Mid-Set update, some players haven’t been a fan of his execute ability. Riot isn’t removing that in Patch 10.14, however they are making it “more fair” to play against.

Urgot is a five-cost Battlecast Protector that has rocked the TFT Galaxies set since his release in Patch 10.12. His ability to execute carries with seemingly no way of stopping him has made him a force to be reckoned with.

Despite his perceived power, Riot are generally happy with where he is in the meta. However, they are changing some things up to make him “feel more fair” to play against in TFT Patch 10.14.


Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer, lead designer for TFT, said that while from a balance perspective Urgot is “not bad,” he is “missing the mark” when it comes to how he feels to play with and against.

“We think there are two things that are quite off. First, his targeting isn’t random, but it feels random. The second, is that the power of one-star compared to two-star and three-star is too flat. There isn’t enough incentive to level up your Urgots.”

The Urgot changes planned for TFT Patch 10.14 are targeting all aspects of his kit. First of all, his spell will now target the farthest enemy champion on the board. However, the spell will “now hit the first enemy it collides with instead of always hitting the intended target.”


This allows for more predictability, but allows players to position Urgot in ways to surprise the enemy. It also also allows for more counterplay to stop your carries from being gobbled up at the start of a round.

There is also more counterplay coming in how his ultimate interacts with Guardian Angel. Units with Guardian Angel equipped won’t be killed on the first cast. The item will prevent the first death, although any further ultimate executions will lead to that champion’s demise.

The time to kill is also being increased at earlier levels. Players previously had a 1.5 second window to stop the Urgot execute, but that’s being ramped to three seconds at one-star. It’ll then scale down by a second at each star rank.


Battlecast units in TFT
Riot Games
Urgot was one of six Battlecast champions added in TFT Patch 10.12.

His mana costs are going up slightly, but are being counteracted by increased mana reduction per cast. His attack range is being decreased to stop him from being a total range threat too.

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Overall, the changes will land Urgot “on the weak side,” but Riot are looking at buffing other stats to help him back up.

The changes are currently live on the PBE for players to test out ahead of the release of Patch 10.14.

As always with anything on the PBE, the Urgot changes are tentative, and could change before being launched onto live servers.