Two amateur League of Legends players exiled after Tyler1 exposes wintrading

tyler1 looking at xayah and rakanRiot Games / Twitch: loltyler1

Two amateur League of Legends players have been exiled from the NA community after streaming superstar Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp exposed the duo ‘blatantly’ wintrading and boosting. They have since been kicked from their team, Team Ambition.

Jungler Vincent ‘Anticipation’ Filosa and manager-slash-coach Naomie ‘Chocovanille’ Fontaine, previously of Team Ambition, have been criticized by the wider League community for ‘blatantly’ wintrading and boosting in an attempt to get Choco to a higher rank in-game.

The duo’s questionable gameplay peaked League streaming star Tyler1’s curiosity — prompting him to search their OP.GG stats up after a ranked game: “Nah. Nah. This ain’t the same person. No way.”

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The duo would reportedly queue up at the same time in solo queue. If they got on the same team, Anti would play properly and try to carry. However, if they were on opposing teams, the jungler would instead try to grief his team to ensure Choco got the win.

In a now-deleted Twitter post, Chocovanille stated “after months of grinding, I went through tears of joy and tilt, and I have finally reached Masters.”

Tyler1 sniped down this achievement though: “You’re sitting here, getting your account boosted. Duo queue sniping, having him win trade for you. Come on bro!”

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Tyler1’s exclamations did not go unnoticed. Team Ambition swiftly caught wind of the situation, and immediately removed the two in question.

Since the incident, Choco and Anticipation have taken down their Twitter accounts. Choco also changed her summoner name after the allegations came to light.

In a public statement, Team Ambition stated that they were not aware of the win trading the duo partook in. However they admitted to knowing of an earlier incident where Anticipation would play on a smurf account with Choco, who is his partner, handing out a warning after “signs of duo boosting”.

Anti then played on an unregistered smurf and the duo boosting continued.

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“We failed to properly vet the LoL accounts of Chocovanille and failed to monitor the accounts of our players. We at Team Ambition understand that this makes the amateur scene hard to take seriously, and accept full responsibility for this.”

Although Team Ambition has sanctioned Chocovanille and Anticipation, the two players’ League of Legends accounts have not been officially banned.

Duo boosting isn’t a reportable offense under the League of Legends Terms of Service either. However, wintrading does break the Code of Conduct.

“We believe that fairness means games are free from cheating, misuse of game systems, and all forms of harassment and behavior that prevent any player from playing their best,” it states.

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