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Twitch streamer under fire for ‘reverse boosting’ to break LoL record

Published: 19/Jan/2020 14:00

by Daniel Cleary


League of Legends streamer ‘Kami_KhaZix’ has come under fire after apparently reverse boosting and smurfing in an attempt to break the game’s ranked Duo Queue win record.

Many gamers often look to challenge themselves while playing their favorite title and some of the most hardcore players to gain bragging rights by breaking some of the records that have been achieved.

In the case of Twitch streamer ‘Kami_KhaZix,’ he opted into giving him the best chance possible at breaking a League of Legends record, although he was met with much criticism during his attempt.

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Despite having over 75 consecutive wins, Kami_Khazix is still ranked in LoL’s silver division.

Kami_Khazix had his eyes set on breaking the record for the most consecutive wins in the game’s ranked duos playlist, which had previously been set by RatIRL, who managed to reach over 150 wins.


Many started to take notice of the streamer when he was close to reaching the halfway mark on the record, although they were also shocked by the fact he was still ranked in Silver 1 despite his massive win count.

The Twitch streamer began to take heat for this approach as it would’ve been quite unlikely for him to remain at such a low MMR without purposefully de-ranking the account or ‘reverse boosting’ with many losses prior to their attempt.

Why is smurfing to “beat the duoQ win streak record” okay? from leagueoflegends

A large portion of the League of Legends community began to criticize the streamer and his duo, questioning why their use of smurfing and possible reverse boosting to break the record had been allowed.


A post on the League of Legends subreddit garnered over 11,500 votes, as the community discussed the fairness of the record attempt.

“To get this MMR they must have fed dozens of games, and now they’re steamrolling real silver players, why is this acceptable?” asked Reddit user MDA94, who was likely frustrated with the effects tactics like this would have on other player’s experiences.

The partnered Twitch streamer Kami_KhaZix has been ranked in the EU-West’s Grandmaster division on his main account and would probably be used to playing against the top European stars, so picking up wins against players in lower divisions shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.


As of the time of writing, Kami_KhaZix’s account is still on track to break the record, despite the fact many are critical of his method, with a current tally of 76 consecutive wins in the ranked playlist.